During my time at UALR, I learned to fabricate websites from the ground up using HTML and CSS.   Learning the basics of coding will help me properly understand the needs of the developers I work with during my professional career in e-commerce. Conversely, building the skill set and vocabulary to best express my design ideas to developers who oftentimes have conflicting technical considerations before them will also come in helpful.

Also, I will be a better team player if I have a basic understanding of how the development process works, why certain programming languages are used, and how they restrict or expand your ability to design your intentions. When you have a better sense of what’s technically realistic before you start working on a project, you’ll be less likely to waste your time and more likely to focus your energy focusing on the parts of your site that aren’t up to the whims of the developer’s implementation.

Below I have included screen snips of some of the websites I have personally built.  Clicking on the image should take you to the original site, though the longevity of the hosting domain is questionable.

Segway Centaur is a site that I built from the ground up as an isolated assignment. I was solely responsible for the coding, design, and functionality of the site. This assignment was valuable in learning about HTML and CSS coding from the ground up.


Saline River Pizza was a team assignment in which a team of four classmates collaborated to reach the end result. I acted as team leader on this project and, learned to manage a small development team in the process. This assignment was invaluable in learning the value of teamwork and collaboration.  This site also included a pdf menu that I personally built.  My team and I built an online ordering system from scratch that imported customer data into access tables and used queries to manipulate data for convenience . Visit Saline River Pizza Online to view the completed site.


The Memorial of Crash Site AC-41-7441 was a team collaboration and a class project. The site memorializes the crash of a B-26A bomber that crashed near Pinnacle Mountain on September 2, 1942. This project was valuable doing research, and the acquisition of historical materials from 1942.