When my daughter Scarlett was a baby, I had the privilege to be a stay at home mom.  Though staying at home has it’s rewards, my mind was going absolutely crazy. I decided to tackle my long-time desire of learning to sew. Looking back, my first few projects turned out absolutely terrible! Luckily, I didn’t let it get me down and I just kept going, and going and going.

Fast-Forward about three years.  I found myself taking custom orders from friends for their little girls. I never would have thought in the beginning I could make anything worth wearing at all! Perseverance led me to my own personal niche of retro and vintage inspired clothing.

Though my daughter has since outgrown the desire to be dressed in vintage styles, I later found a new use for my sewing skills, costume making! What started as making a fun halloween costume turned into my own personal conquest to out-skill myself year after year.

I feel like these examples pretty much sum up my working aesthetic.  I plan to use the same enduring techniques in my new e-commerce career. After all, if you can’t blow someone away by doing your best, what’s the point!