unnamedIn general, Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool that is capable of performing calculations, analyzing data, presenting information in advanced dashboards and integrating information from different programs.  Microsoft Excel is comprised of organizational units called workbooks. A standard workbook contains worksheets and chart sheets. Worksheets perform calculations, store and organize data, present graphics, charts and controls like a web page; they are extremely versatile. A worksheet is comprised of millions of cells. The job of a cell is to store a formula that performs a calculation or communicates with some other application (i.e. program) such as a database. They also store and present data. A chart sheet’s job is to present a chart or graph developed from data stored on a worksheet or from some other data source. During my time at UALR I began the vast process of learning Excel. While I am certainly not an expert, I have learned some general concepts. Some of the concepts illustrated below include:

  • String Manipulation
  • Populating Tables
  • Calculating Columns
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Formatting Table Data
  • Excel Formulas and Functions